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  1. Captainji,

    What is this?

    Please share ur views on string theory and theories of quantum gravity.

    Thank you.
Dear Captain Ajit Vadakayil, please kindly answer me this:

a. The concept of Integrated Chip - were it in the Vedas - they have to be if you could have advanced vehicles that could do interstellar travel.

Because in western history they only write this - he was the first one to do it. How he did it, where he got the idea from is all discarded! This is how the WHITE MAN writes history all over - LOL - thinking he can get away with it.

Before I launch into circular mandalas ( stonehenges ) let me address something which has caused me a great degree of sadness.

More than 900 people died at Mecca.

The Saudi royalty blamed the BLACK MUSLIM.

A Muslim is a Muslim .

Saudis are NOT the senior most Muslims on the planet.  

Below: Less than a 100 years ago these crypto Wahabi Jews wearing Arab dress were living in tents without water.

Below: Oil is running out in the desert--it will be back to basics,-   sand, camel and tent soon !

At 2.38 below the arab  INSULTS his Indian cashier with a SINGLE bone 

Below: The ENTIRE Jewish media is supporting Saudi Royal bloodline theory of NOBODY IS RESPONSIBLE--.

Below:  From 919 AD to 1953 AD this was the pillar of the shaitan to be stoned  -- Before 919 AD there were three idols of Brahma/ Vishnu and Shiva which were stoned.   

In 919 AD these three idols and the original black metrorite HEAVY black stone ( Shiva Lingam weighing heavier than steel installed by Mohammed with his own hands ) was stolen by the ex- Pagan Hindu Qarmatian sect leader Abu Tahir al-Qarmati. 

In 952 AD  his follower just dumped a sack of light black pumice stone pieces which floated in water.   This was cemented together and is the current black stone . 

Somnath temple was raided to uproot the HEAVY Shiva Lingam .

The black stone on the SE corner of Kaaba ( 5 feet above the ground ) belonged to the Calicut King Cheraman Perumal. 

Before the birth of Mohammad , there were three religions in that area—Hindusim, Judaism and Christinaity. 

The king of Hijaz had placed a Hindu diety made of red gate stone of the ruling Qurayash PAGAN (Hindu ) sect at the Kaaba spot inside a temple its right hand was made of gold and all 7 chakras were spiraling out from its body. 

Since it was a FREE trade customs outpost nobody was allowed to carry weapons within a large perimeter..

Below: Every Haj pilgrim kisses the black  stone till recent times.  Is this NOT idolatory ?  Is throwing a stone on a pillar not idolatory ?  

23 years ago , my Pakistani officer ( a religious scholar who did Islamic studies at Kandahar , had 12 silk handkerchiefs to rub on the stone given by his friends and relatives . 

While he was rubbing he was severely thrashed by a whip by a security man in uniform--he continued rubbing and by the time he finished-- he was bleeding all over--it took 2 months to heal-- flesh was ripped into pieces 

Below video: Why kiss a black stone ? 

Check 3.28 where the King kisses the stone !

For more read visit original ..the best blog on 

the planet 

link as below.............

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