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Paritranaya sadhunam, Vinashaya Dushkritam

Dharma samsthapanaya , sambhawami yuge yuge.

For the up-liftment of the good and virtuous,
For the destruction of evil,
For the re-establishment of the natural law,
I will come, in every age

paritranaya--for the deliverance; sadhunam--of the devotees; vinasaya--for the annihilation; ca--also; duskrtam--of the miscreants; dharma--principles of religion; samsthapana-arthaya--to reestablish; sambhavami--I do appear; yuge--millennium; yuge--after millennium.

yadaa yadaa hi dharmasya

glaanirbhavati bhaarata.

Abhyutthaanam.h adharmasya

tadaatmaanM sRRijaamyaham.h..

यदा यदा हि धर्मस्या, ग्लानिर्भवति भारत अभ्युत्थानम् अधर्मस्या, तदात्मानं सृजाम्यहम् ।।

Bhagavad Gita, Chapter IV, Verse 7.

Hey Bhaarata (Arjuna). It is Faith which teaches renunciation and is responsible for the elevation and well-being of human beings. Whenever in the passage of time, (yadaa yadaa) Faith (or dharma) is weakened or is under attack, (glaanirbhavati) - and whenever adharma spreads without control (abhyutthaanam.h) - it is then (tadaatmaanM) that I re-incarnate myself (sRRijaamyaham.h) with all my powers to restore Faith.

It is the function of God as Vishnu, the protector of the world, to keep the world going on the lines of righteousness. He assumes birth to re-establish right when wrong prevails.

I am quoting this Sanskrit verse from memory, as this world’s oldest language which was used for writing the Vedas in 5000 BC, was compulsory in my school Kendriya Vidyalaya till 9th standard. It was very easy for me , because high literature Malayalam ( my mother tongue in Kerala ) is very close to Sanskrit.

Kerala is very important when you talk of Indian history, as India was protected by the Himalayas in the north, and very few souls knew the treacherous passes of Bholan and Khyber through the frozen Hindu Kush range. You take a chance and you die a painful death. 
Alexander the great had a marital alliance with a dark skinned Indian girl by the name of Roxanna, 2300 year ago, to secure the secrets of this pass. Almost all dealings with foreign people was via Kerala ships. Mecca, Petra and Jerusalem was on the spice caravan routes. All 3 sites had Shiva Temples with powerful Shiva lingam black meterorite stones. 
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In this post I will correct a few mistakes deliberately introduced by Vatican, into Indian mythology.

It must be remembered that Indian were slaves for 800 years , first to the invading Muslims and then to the invading Christians.

It suited the invaders to subvert Indian history.

There has been a deliberate attempt to place Lord Buddha as an avatar of Vishnu. It cannot be so. Buddha was an Indian and he was a mere mortal.

Buddha threw Vedic knoweldge open to the common man. Vedas were monopolised by the BrahmIns.They went around claiming that the BrahmAn or the Vedas referred to them.

Nothing is further from the truth.


This was written down in the Rig Veda in 5000 BC in the Sanskrit language ,when the whole world was clubbing down animals for food, living in dark caves and doing grunt grunt for language.

The world has understood the meaning of Consciousness after German Werner Karl Heisenberg visited Santiniketan in India and understood its implications and then went back and secured for himself Quantum Physics fame , fortune and the Nobel prize.

Heisenberg ( Hitler too, who adopted the Vedic symbol Swastika ) has access to Vedic texts stolen fromIndia by Rothschild, the owner of British East India Company.

Buddha just mirrored Hinduism and grabbed power for himself. He mirrored the right handed Vedic symbol Swastika and made it a left handed Swastika--among several others. There is NO way an avatar of Vishnu will mirror the symbol of Swastika which is on Shiva's son Ganesha's palm.

Some Hindu sources have done away with Buddha and introduced Balarama instead. Again, this is wrong. We have to use our commonsense here. Balarama was the elder brother of Krishna,an avatar of Vishnu. I dont see the need for Vishnu to appear in two avatars , at the same time.

AYYAPPA IS THE MISSING AVATAR. He is the avatar bridging Krishna and Kalki.   Ayyappa is the son of Lord Vishnu ( in the garb of enchantress Mohini) and Lord Shiva- as per Wikipedia ( a lie ) .

The ten Vishnu Avatars are:

1. Matsya (the fish)
2. Koorma (the tortoise)
3. Varaha (the boar)
4. Narasimha (the human-lion)
5. Vamana (the dwarf)
6. Parasurama (the angry man, Rama with an axe)
7. Lord Rama (the perfect man, king of Ayodha)
8. Lord Krishna (the divine statesman)
9. Lord Ayyappa.
10. Kalki (the mighty warrior)--the FINAL avatar

Ayyappa who? I can hear a lot of NORTH Indians asking. Every South Indian knows who Ayyappa is. 55 million people go on pilgrimage to Sabarimala in Kerala. The Ayyyappa idol is installed by Lord Parashurama. You can punch into google search SABARIMALA , MAKARA VILAKKU- VADAKAYIL 
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The main purpose of going for Haj at Mecca was to kiss the Shiva Lingam black stone and drink the theertham run off from the stone.  

Below: Holy theertham drain in Shiva Temple . The black stone contains DNA 

The whole of the top part of the Kaaba was filled with pots of ZAM ZAM water with a bottom hole  to drip slowly on the black stone Shiva Lingam ..

Below: No sand or dirt could go into the copper water pots containing ZAM ZAM --see manhole for entrance .   

We in Calicut have accounts from Ibn Batuta and Zheng He  -this structure belonged to the Calicut -my hometown King ( Cheraman Perumal ).

Below: 13 used to be the theertham drain -exactly like in Shiva temples.

The roof  of the Kaaba had copper pots with holes at the bottom hung on parallel rods .  

The water dripped to a sloped channel to a GOLDEN spout called Meezab-i Rahmat, from which water kept the black stone wet.

Below: This is the first time on this planet- this is being told--  so henceforth people can stop wondering about those symbolic hanging pots 

This is the reason why the roof structure had 6 pillars supporting from beneath. Now they have 3 pillars only.

Today the water drip is only symbolic and those ancient copper pots have been shifted from top to the inner roof and they still hang from inside .

Inside Kaaba were 360 Hindu idols. 

Nobody could enter Kaaba with shoes on since the days of Mohammad -- or sit on a chair inside this most holy Islam sanctum as decreed by the prophet Mohammad  ( King of Al Saud royal bloodline installed by Jew Rothschild --King Salman bin Abdulaziz )-  Remember this black stone set on the South East corner of Kaaba , 5 feet above the ground  is faced by every Muslim on this planet while praying !

At a six mile radius around the Kaaba no pilgrim can wear footwear which covers  the ankle and back of the foot .   

Inside the Kaaba and its vicinity the Muslim must keep his head uncovered.

IHRAM rules insist that men should keep their head uncovered at all times.    Women should keep their heads covered but their hands and face should be uncovered .

Let me quote Wikipedia.

QUOTE: Access to the idol was controlled by the Quraysh tribe ( HINDU SECT OF MOHAMMAD ) . The god's devotees fought against followers of the Islamic prophet Muhammad during the Battle of Badr in 624 CE. After Muhammad entered Mecca in 630 CE, he removed the statue of Hubal ( SHIVA ) from the Kaaba along with the idols of all the other pagan gods.  Hubal, who was worshipped as the greatest of the 360 idols the Kaaba contained, which probably represented the days of the year.[1] Hisham Ibn Al-Kalbi's Book of Idols describes the image as shaped like a human, with the right hand broken off and replaced with a golden hand.[2] When the idol was moved inside the Kaaba, it had seven arrows ( SEVEN CHAKRAS / SEVEN CIRCUMAMBULATIONS ) in front of it, which were used for divination.[39] :UNQUOTE 

Below: Ancient key ( Kabenin Anahatari ) of the holy KAABA door.                                       

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  1. Captainji,

    What is this?

    Please share ur views on string theory and theories of quantum gravity.

    Thank you.
Dear Captain Ajit Vadakayil, please kindly answer me this:

a. The concept of Integrated Chip - were it in the Vedas - they have to be if you could have advanced vehicles that could do interstellar travel.

Because in western history they only write this - he was the first one to do it. How he did it, where he got the idea from is all discarded! This is how the WHITE MAN writes history all over - LOL - thinking he can get away with it.

Before I launch into circular mandalas ( stonehenges ) let me address something which has caused me a great degree of sadness.

More than 900 people died at Mecca.

The Saudi royalty blamed the BLACK MUSLIM.

A Muslim is a Muslim .

Saudis are NOT the senior most Muslims on the planet.  

Below: Less than a 100 years ago these crypto Wahabi Jews wearing Arab dress were living in tents without water.

Below: Oil is running out in the desert--it will be back to basics,-   sand, camel and tent soon !

At 2.38 below the arab  INSULTS his Indian cashier with a SINGLE bone 

Below: The ENTIRE Jewish media is supporting Saudi Royal bloodline theory of NOBODY IS RESPONSIBLE--.

Below:  From 919 AD to 1953 AD this was the pillar of the shaitan to be stoned  -- Before 919 AD there were three idols of Brahma/ Vishnu and Shiva which were stoned.   

In 919 AD these three idols and the original black metrorite HEAVY black stone ( Shiva Lingam weighing heavier than steel installed by Mohammed with his own hands ) was stolen by the ex- Pagan Hindu Qarmatian sect leader Abu Tahir al-Qarmati. 

In 952 AD  his follower just dumped a sack of light black pumice stone pieces which floated in water.   This was cemented together and is the current black stone . 

Somnath temple was raided to uproot the HEAVY Shiva Lingam .

The black stone on the SE corner of Kaaba ( 5 feet above the ground ) belonged to the Calicut King Cheraman Perumal. 

Before the birth of Mohammad , there were three religions in that area—Hindusim, Judaism and Christinaity. 

The king of Hijaz had placed a Hindu diety made of red gate stone of the ruling Qurayash PAGAN (Hindu ) sect at the Kaaba spot inside a temple its right hand was made of gold and all 7 chakras were spiraling out from its body. 

Since it was a FREE trade customs outpost nobody was allowed to carry weapons within a large perimeter..

Below: Every Haj pilgrim kisses the black  stone till recent times.  Is this NOT idolatory ?  Is throwing a stone on a pillar not idolatory ?  

23 years ago , my Pakistani officer ( a religious scholar who did Islamic studies at Kandahar , had 12 silk handkerchiefs to rub on the stone given by his friends and relatives . 

While he was rubbing he was severely thrashed by a whip by a security man in uniform--he continued rubbing and by the time he finished-- he was bleeding all over--it took 2 months to heal-- flesh was ripped into pieces 

Below video: Why kiss a black stone ? 

Check 3.28 where the King kisses the stone !

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