Friday, 4 December 2015

Eternal Hindu Dharma/Religion has no end

Eternal Hindu Dharma has no end; therefore, its re-establishment will take place from the year 2023 at fast pace without thrusting it upon anyone; as is done by followers of other Sects !
‘Hindu Dharma exists from time immemorial. God created Hindu Dharma even before He created human beings. None of the other religions existed at that time; therefore, there was no need for Hindus to propagate their Dharma and they are not used to propagation; whereas, other religions (Sects) came into existence in the past few thousand years. After establishment of these religions (Sects), the followers of these religions (Sects) had to use force, fear and lure etc. to bring followers of former Dharma into these religions. Those, who got converted in this manner, inculcated the same defects in their character; but as per the principle of ‘Whatever is created, is destroyed’, all these Sects will now come to an end and Hindu Dharma, which is ‘Anaadi (eternal)’, will be re-established as per the times. Hindus won’t have to make use of any wrong method for the same; but others will be drawn to its eternal knowledge and are getting drawn even now.’

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