Thursday, 8 August 2013

Genghis Khan a Hindu by religion

Samrath Genghis Khan a Hindu by religion and mongol by nationality.

Also, Genghis Khan was the follower of Hinduism and earlier he was a follower Shamanism(animism something like trantric culture a part of Hinduism) which was spreaded from Bengal to Mongolia and to Japan. Shamanism(Animism something like trantric) sounds similar to shramanism(Buddhism and Jainism) but different from animism. Inspite of knowing about Indian he never wanted to attack the holy land of India. He went and attacked muslim and christanity. He caused so much damage to their leadership that their religion was at the verge of extinction. Hence all the Muslim Khans should go back to Hinduism and follow the culture that genghis khan has set. They should respect Holy Land of India.
River Ganga is called Changa in Tibet/Chinese. Changa means the Strong one.

Khan is derived from Karn. If you pronounce it slowly Kar of Karn and Kh or Khan sound similar.

Genghis Khan was also called Changis Khan. He might have selected this title Changis from Changa(Ganga) and Khan from Karn. Hence Changis Khan.

Even in English Ganga is called Ganges and Changis called Ghenghis. Ganges and Ghengis sounds similar.

Genghis Khan was an Animist like Nag vanshi of Mahabharat. Genghis Khan was not a Muslim or Christain. This might be one of the reason why he did not attacked India Mainland. He attacked Afghanistan to drive away Shah a muslim.

Animist is like Tantric culture of northeastern Indian states and southern India.

Even Genghis Khan's great grandson Khubilai Khan who followed buddhism never attacked India. It was after Khubilai Khan when other group of the Genghis Khan descendants were converted into Islam attacked India. The original four great khans never attacked India. Probably they might be respecting the Holy Land of India where the river ganges flows.
Genghis Khan empire’s capital was Karakorum and Karakorum was a part of ancient India hence it can said that indirectly Genghis Khan was an Indian by nationality. In ancient times from Greek to china, Mongolia and other central asian countries were the part of Mahabharata(Greater Bharata/India), hence when greeks and Chinese participated in the Kurushetra war the war was called Mahabharata(Greater India). Indirectly entire earth was MahaBharata(Greater India).
It cannot be ruled out that Mongols could have been the descendants of Karna.

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